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an Organization Management System on Smartphone.

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an online live assessment  empowering an employee .

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an HVC product with your own SOPs & immutable transfers.

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What is the objective of Transformating?

The purpose is to digitize everyday life at work and home to then automate your processes as they are, rather than demanding you to retrain to be in concurrence with our product’s capability. It means no training time and learn-as-you-use.
Create your own management systems in one day with a user friendly interface.
Fetch your partners, vendors, suppliers and customers on board. To integrate all cross-organizational operations and enhance efficiency. Other salient features of Transformating are mentioned ahead.

What does Transformating enable its users to do?

It is an app of apps. Lets its users create subapp(s) in a user friendly manner, that can either be used privately by a group of people who have access to the created subapp; or can be used by public – that is any subscriber of Transformating.

Transformating brings together five different types of entities together on one platform.
(a) Users
(b) Organizations (all incl. Govt. & non-Govt.)
(c) Partners – retainers
(d) Public-at-large (all users of Transformating)
(e) A chatbot assistance

Automate & digitize.

Easy, Simple & Free. If an EMS is not as easy as sending SMS or Whatsapp; or requires training, you are probably doing something different from just automation & digitization.

an Organization Management System on Smartphone.

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Automate? Or immigrate?

Most ERP & EMS actually require immigration. Such systems represent newer processes, which users are forced to adopt, instead of getting the users’ processes automated.

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Qualitative, not just quantitative

Business is quantitative & easy. But if your outputs are qualitative as in NGOs, you are looking for a non-standard product for non-commercial use. Non-profit is perceived smaller & less attractive sector by IT product developers. Transformating is excellently adoptable for NGOs. an HVC product with your own SOPs & immutable transfers.

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Why automate & digitize?

Primary Objectives:
(i) Save costs, better quality
(ii) Be fast, while remaining innovative
Both of the above are needed to be competitive.

All human activities commercial or social are executed through
(a) application & transaction of resources.
(b) In organizations more than 95% of processes are repeatable.
(c) Manage resources & execute transactions in auto mode ensuring very high efficiency.
(d) Bring in transparency & objectivity. Enabling a just & merit-based work environment.
(e) Digitization enables entities to access “any data, anytime, anywhere”.

What makes Transformating unique globally?

Our 7 distinct features:
§1 Automate your existing procedures, whatsoever they be; rather than re-orienting your organization to execute newer procedures that concur with a purchased software.
§2 Access Transformating procedure-libraries, or configure new, or reconfigure by amends.
§3 Parallel rating layer running throughout the system ensures objective & live assessments, evaluations & appraisals – most pioneering aspect of Transformating, globally.
§4 Run completely and fully from a smartphone. Hardware investment threshold is zero.
§5 Event & Resource Transfer with immutable transfer record.
§6 High Velocity Commerce (HVC) compliant – that is future-compliant. HVC is a process that lets users keep on shifting recommended decision making operations to an AI module gradually, as recommended by the system itself.
§7 Pioneering & global first – smartphone based Attendance & Payroll Automation Module.

What about the processes that are no standardized?

Nothing to worry.
We enable users to run a parallel non-SOP (Non-Standard Operating Procedure) tasks – which reside in the system as a Project-Job-Event (PJE) hierarchy. Once an organization discovers the repeated patterns in PJE they can convert them into SOPs.

What all are other salient features?

Create your own Modules, besides those available &

Transformating permits its subscribers to create their own Standard Operating Procedures. Similarly, subscribers can create their own complete modules of any type and kind. Module mentioned ahead are available by default.

Provide access to Partners & Public

Whether you are a non-governmental organization or a commercial organization accessing your partners and public is vital for seamless work. This is achieved by providing access to partners & public to that information that the subscribers desire to share within the Transformating platform. Subscribers can also access partners & public using the platform.

Create your own SOPs

Organizations with quantitative (commercial organizations) or qualitative (social organizations) outputs, can create their own Standard operating procedures, which the system automates using feedback loops, statistical outputs and other mathematical operators that the users can choose from. Users can use all types of elements to construct an SOP, including Forms, Compliances, Reports, Authorities, Resource Entries, Organization Tool Matrix, Multi-dimensional dependency structure matrixes.

Use SOP Library

Transformating has build-in libraries of SOPs for users which will keep on enhancing as users add more & more their SOPs. Preloaded SOPs include:

Attendance & Payroll Automation

One of the most pioneering elements of Transformating is its Attendance & payroll module.
Mark attendance while traveling at any location globally, using smartphone as a biometric device.
Autonomous organizations of future shall need
• mechanisms of automated self-regulation
• micro-attendance (possibility of electronically marking attendance at training, meetings etc. which are apart by a few minutes) enabled.
• management of leaves,
• management of late comings and early goings
• repayments, reimbursements of employees
• automated payroll
• transparent automated payroll ID delivered from the policies chosen by the organization.

Documentation Module

Documentation module enables complete documentation management within an organization.
• 100% document & object digitization
• Locate a digital variant from a physical variant by Unique ID or QR Code Scan
• Pin-point physical location of any object or document digitally searchable & accessible from any one attribute of document is known
• Locate any document from one of its key words or markers
• It merits mention that for the purpose of ‘Transformating’ document is any type of file (textual, graphic, audio or video or a mix of the four) thereby enabling documentation of tangible 3D objects which are clicked or videoed into a file & hence ‘documented’.

Assessment and Evaluation

• Parallel-layer of rating and assessment of everything, enabling live assessment.
• Paradigm shift in employee assessment
• Employees are empowered to control their live online rating (run by automated objective evaluation algorithms) by monitoring, control of their performance, rather than depending on single sitting appraisal meeting.
• 100 Evaluation parameters are taken into account.

Knowledge Management Module

• Convert individual knowledge & skills into organizational knowledge
• Contribution of knowledge by employees is accounted for & awarded
• Multi-dimensional dependency structure matrix is a tool invented by the promoters of the company as a repository of organizational knowledge.
• One of the most important USPs of Transformating knowledge module is that it does not need human intervention to judge when should a particular type of organizational knowledge be accessed.
• System analyses the work user does, and where needed provides not only knowledge but also the impact that insertion of a specific variable in the system will have.
• Use of AI makes this module cutting edge by automatically identifying and informing its user on how any change, one desire to make in any recognized variable, will impact all other variables in a system.


• For Governments and bodies implementing public services & public welfare, it is very difficult to upkeep their skills and processes in an exceptionally dynamic technology environment that prevails today.
• It is time to shift to dynamic system enabling tailored standard operating procedures, while creating an easy and accessible interface for both – the bureaucracy and the public.
• It is easy & transparent when both the officers as well as public can approach each other using a smartphone.
• Transformating enables highly efficient and anytime, anywhere work execution by bureaucratic functionaries, who are authentication-enabled on a smartphone.

Platform for Service Providers

• The platform is open for entrepreneurs from all over the world to configure their own SOP based services (we call them SubApps) of all kinds and sell their services and products on Transformating.
• Integrate everything from the SOPs needed to provide the service to payment gateway in your SubApp.
• Want to configure a whole app to provide the service or goods to your customers.
• No more are you needed to be a computer engineer. If you know your business idea thoroughly, configure it as a subapp and there you are already providing the service to the world in one day.
• Transformating desires to reduce the time of an idea from the point of the occurrence to its execution to one day!
• Yes that’s true. We enable such an orbit shift!